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Sept. 8, 2018, 6:50 a.m.

To us it's slightly more than just a way to describe our restaurant. Farm to table to us is family, community, and connection.

Art has been going to the markets to pick up food from his partners for over 10 years. He rarely misses a market day because not only is this his way to fill the walk-in cooler with fresh ingredients for his talented staff to design with, it's also his way of catching up with his friends.

After years of communicating with his partners he's gotten to know their lives, their kids, their situations, their banter and gossip. The farmers know Art, that he has 3 children and they've watched his kids grow up just as he has watched theirs. Each and every dollar that transfers from the Lento customer to the farmer is a tiny piece of history for that family, their livelihood, their supper, their new shoes and coats and backpacks. This, in a way, makes our guests part of the lives of the community. A community that has been created by growers, chefs, and diners alike.

It's amazing to see, be a part of, and witness weekly. So from all of us at Lento, thank you to all of our guests, customers, and farmers. You are our community and life could not be any better.

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