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March 29, 2018, 7:22 a.m.

Farm to table is a common phrase in the restaurant business. Chefs take what local farmers can deliver seasonally and use their knowledge of the history of food to create dishes for everyone's enjoyment. It takes a good relationship between farmer and chef and chef and customer to ensure what is delivered is wanted.

But what about the bar? Does the bar of a farm to table restaurant have to follow the same standards? At Lento, the bartenders are more than just drink makers. They're chefs in their own right.

Not only should the drinks be as local as possible, but the ingredients should be as seasonal as possible as well. Lento has always made sure that this is true. And the bartenders take great care in researching, developing, and ensuring the quality of every craft cocktail that they produce. It's more than just serving, it's art.

One of the best parts of these drinks is just how amazing they can look. It isn't just taste but when it's delivered it should pique the all the senses that are possible with sight being number one for first impressions.

Some of the drinks are timeless classics and will always be available, but others change frequently as the seasons change. Check out the craft cocktail menu.


Category: Cocktails